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Productions & Events

Henry Paulet Design has over 12 years experience designing, operating and implementing Sound, Lighting and Vision.  


Experience, that shows…..

Henry Paulet Design has extensive experience in a range of events and productions, allowing endless possibilities of technical production and we strive to cater for all.


Sound is an essential aspect of any major event – particularly for live entertainment. If the sound isn’t perfect, the show isn’t perfect. That’s why we take pride in organizing sound systems tailored to your venue and event.



Lighting can be that “elegant touch” to your event. Whether you require professional lighting for your corporate event or a more theatrical design for a party or theatre piece, we can source, design, program and operate lighting for any event.



Vision is an ever growing important element of modern events. Whether a small projector for a boardroom presentation is required, or a large, LED screen with custom graphics for a concert, we have you covered.

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IT is a fundamental element of modern day organisations. It forms the backbone for nearly all operations and allows communication between employees globally and empowers higher productivity.

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Online web streaming has become the new ‘norm’ for all kinds of events. As the COVID-19 pandemic passes, ‘hybrid’ events (with a live physical audience, and online audience) have become the focus of businesses and arts groups seeking a larger outreach.

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IT & Website Services

With computers being an essential aspect of daily life, a good network and computer infrastructure is essential to the productivity, empowerment and efficiency of a business, or even home.

Business Knowledge & Technical Expertise, Meet.

A good IT infrastructure is essential to the productivity, empowerment and efficiency of a business.

A careful, considered consultation with Henry Paulet Design could further broaden your business’ opportunities…


Business processes can always be improved in terms of their cost effectiveness and efficiency for users. Henry Paulet Design employs modern, industry standard tools to improve business processes and elevate their performance to 21st century IT standards.

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Through efficient setup and design of server infrastructure, combined with a strong, modern network backbone, Henry Paulet Design believes that the opportunities for future technologies broaden, lessening the burden in the event of a sudden upgrade of technology.

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While finding your name or organisation in Google might seem insignificant, in this day and age it is critical for making the right first impression on a potential customer.



IT isn’t always easy . Trained professionals at Henry Paulet Design can help you with a range of IT issues, including networking, software, operating system and mobile devices. 

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Our Team

Henry Paulet

Owner / Manager

Backed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) from Melbourne University, I am a Melbourne based sound and lighting designer for artistic installations, live performances and corporate events and work within IT as a support technician and consultant.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Thank you for making our site elegant, effective and most of all, simple to use! I’m stoked!”

Heywood Consolidated School

“Shout out to [Henry Paulet Design], our sponsor for the series. Thanks to their carefully designed creations, we’ve been able to make the #skylarsessions a fully immersive visual and audio experience…..”