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While finding your name or organisation in Google might seem insignificant, in this day and age it is critical for making the right first impression on a potential customer.

Among the sound and lighting design elements of Henry Paulet Design, I setup and design websites. I provide a total service, from the selection of hosting and domain registration, to the full design and deployment of the final product. Aspects such as Video, Photos, Links, Polls, Calendars, Staff Management and visual themes can be altered to work on any design and extend to include eCommerce (Online Store) integration. Note that I do not ‘code’ my websites. I use freely available (Open Source) website packages and customize the content and themes within them to make a final product.

Some of our past projects:

Portland U3A

U3A is a social organisation for people aged 50+ and are retired or semi-retired. U3A hosts training and leisure events and offers and extensive course program for those wishing to learn or try something new.

Located in Portland Victoria, the organisation needed a website presence and solution that allowed them to communicate upcoming events, courses and programs to their members across the region.

The resulting product was well received by the school management and public.

As a small school located in Victoria’s South West, Dartmoor Primary School approached Henry Paulet Design with interest about developing a new website. The ability to provide documents and other resources to parents and guardians was a necessity for the site; all while being easy to use and visually appealing.

The resulting product was well received by the school management and public.

Dartmoor Primary School

Heywood Consolidated School

After many years of not being able to update or edit the content available on the Heywood Consolidated School Website, the Staff at the school approached Henry Paulet Design to build a new website that allowed for easy future expansion, an ‘easy to use’ frontend and a detailed, but staff friendly backend.

Working from a set of feature requests from school management and staff, Henry Paulet Design created custom graphics, a custom template and a functional, responsive front end.