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Lighting is that elegant touch to your event. Henry Paulet Design can produce a lighting setup and design suitable for every event. Planning, equipment hire, design we have it covered.

Lighting design is not only illumination – it’s feeling.

Understanding and remembering this concept at Henry Paulet Design, we give each and every lighting based project a unique feeling AND illumination. This concept has allowed us create vivid, unique and memorable events that are called for again, year after year.

Trained Professionals

All of our lighting technicians at Henry Paulet Design are trained with at least one major lighting console company.

Console series’ such as the MA Lighting Grand MA2, ETC EOS and Chamsys Console range feature in this list and ensure that no matter the event, lighting programming is as efficient and seamless as possible.


We have a team of dedicated and experienced lighting professionals behind Henry Paulet Design that collectively contribute almost 20 years of experience.

We have knowledge and experience in Lighting System Composition and Design that scales from Keynote addresses to Large scale performances for thousands of people.


Being such a design focused element of events, the use of modern, versatile and reliable lighting fixtures is a necessity on every project.

We utilize equipment from a range of quality manufacturers and maintain our equipment to the highest standards.