Melbourne electronic pop duo LouSkylar has proven in the past that they’re not afraid to push boundaries, utilize new and modern technology and ultimately set the standard for live electronic pop performances. So their most recent endeavour entitled ‘Skylar Sessions’, is not surprisingly their most impressive. 

Hosted at Collingwood’s iconic Gasometer Hotel, LouSkylar’s 3 week residency allowed them to play alongside a range of support acts that highlighted the best of the underground electronic and pop music scene of Melbourne. 

Having worked previously with LouSkylar on their incredibly successful ‘Damaged Goods’ Single Launch event, Henry Paulet Design was again asked to assist in taking this event to the next level.

Providing a Soundcraft SI Impact as the FOH sound console, and a higher quality and more efficient Dante audio infrastructure, the sound was tight and detailed when coupled with the venue’s well suited PA system (Quest QM12 Highs, LS1200 Subs, Lab Gruppen 10000Q Drive). 

This show also called for a new take on the act’s visuals, as LED screen in this space was not practical. Combining a conventional projector screen for show visuals, and integrating a newly conceived Henry Paulet Design Atmospheric Projection System (APS) allowed the Skylar Sessions to take on a completely new look. With geometric stylisation being a feature in Louskylar’s previous launch, this brand new projection system allows the venue’s open space to become host to more immersive lighting for the entire audience. Similar to modern laser systems, this innovation using DLP and Laser projectors allows for more colour possibilities, smoother movements and is overall more scalable. 

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