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Audio for Events

Quality Audio has become a necessity in today age of computer integrated presentations, live music and theatrical performances. From simple PowerPoint presentations to computer controlled theater sound designs, audio is almost always a requirement.

We provide Audio services for a range of different event types and provide scalable solutions according to the crowd or audience you intend to host. No job is too small or too big; we apply the same professional expertise, equipment and customer service to every project.


At Henry Paulet Design, our passion and experience is primarily in Audio; so we not only understand the need for high quality Audio systems, but the need for experienced, reliable and consistent operation at every event; no matter the scale. 

The quality of equipment used on a project is important; but it is only top quality when it is used by top quality operators. Whether you need a Sound Engineer for your venue, band, school, community group or corporate event, our professional staff will ensure your event is sounding its best.


Henry Paulet Design utilizes high quality Audio equipment for every project we take on. 

Our staff are trained in a large variety of equipment types, allowing us to be incredibly flexible selecting the best equipment for your event. 

Quality brands such as Soundcraft, Allen & Heath and MIDAS are all employed at Henry Paulet Design to provide the best quality sound, at the most affordable price.